Who are we?

Maybe it is a good reason for us to travel: to find who we are.

We are a couple, early thirties, leaving a safe life and a good job in Switzerland to travel around the world.

Well there are more things to say. Myself, I like to know a bit about the people I follow on a blog. Also to be sure one is not working for a fanatic religious group or support things I cannot approve. Moreover I like to understand their motivations.

There are plenty of ways to define someone; often we like to put people in little boxes: gender, education, job, hobbies… so let’s start with that:

Yannick: I have a PhD in biology from the University of Geneva. I worked as researcher for a start up in Hungary. I moved back to Switzerland to work as post doc in a University then as study director for a big company.


Orsi: She has a master in English and German from the University of Pecs in Hungary. After some time teaching these languages to adults she worked in the travel domain for a big company in Hungary.  Then she moved to Switzerland as a travel organiser for an international school.


Obviously from this project, we like traveling, meeting people, discovering, learning, challenges and changes.

 About hobbies, we both like photography. I believe it will be a great help to share with you this travel, illustrate articles, and simply show what the words only cannot describe.