Between wind and mountain

A researcher in Bolivia in the world’s highest monitoring station.   Our journey led us through La Paz. The city is impressive in size and organization. Literally, it steps over mountains and makes a frontal assault of cliffs. The funiculars joining the different parts of the city like aerial metros help to be aware of its strange geography. This amazing city deserves at least one … Continue reading Between wind and mountain

Let’s do some microbiology in Bogotá

Our round the world travel’s purpose is not only to see incredibly beautiful places.  This journey is also to confront us with the reality of the world. Sometimes research is helpful to open our eyes to the situation of a country. It can allow a deeper understanding and knowledge about the daily life of the inhabitants. Therefore it is far from the beauty of Guatapé … Continue reading Let’s do some microbiology in Bogotá

The future of architecture is in the slums of Bogota,

It is easy to find information about state-of-the-art architectural projects, new technologies and new materials in magazines, on the Internet or on TV. But it is a completely different field of architecture and its realization that I discovered here in Bogota thanks to the Professor Andres Sanchez Arias. I was intrigued and fascinated by his approach. In my opinion, it is rich in lessons whatever … Continue reading The future of architecture is in the slums of Bogota,

Bogotá, architectural and social challenges

Bogota, exploration of a sprawling city We are still in Bogotá, huge city of more than 7 million inhabitants. It is the 29th most populous city in the world. It is also one of the few capitals of this size not to have metro or tram. Honestly the buses are hardly sufficient and it took us some time to get along with the public transport. … Continue reading Bogotá, architectural and social challenges

The travel cannot get bat-ter

From one park to the other, we continue our journey in Costa Rica, still fascinated by the impressive diversity of plants and animals in this small country barely larger than Switzerland. We met Vino De Backer, a biologist specialized in bats, in Monteverde, an area of ​​cloud forest in the northern part of Costa Rica. Vino De Backer received us in his sanctuary dedicated to … Continue reading The travel cannot get bat-ter

Coral reef restoration in Akumal

After Valladolid, we continue our journey towards Tulum,  a small town just a few kilometers south of Cancun, in an area known as the “Riviera Maya”. The backbone of the economy here is tourism. The beaches in the Riviera Maya are known for their great beauty and in Akumal people have the possibility to swim with sea turtles. Of course, we tried this unique experience. … Continue reading Coral reef restoration in Akumal